HUMANx shines at Africa Fashion Week Nigeria and LFF 2022

HUMANx steals the show at Africa Fashion Week Nigeria and Lagos Fashion Fair 2022

Fast-rising, socially-conscious Nigerian fashion brand HUMANx was the centre of attention as designers from within the country and beyond took to the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria (AFWN) and Lagos Fashion Fair (LFF) stage to showcase their latest collection.

Known for its arty, edgy and eclectic designs, the Gbemi Elekula-led HUMANx lived up to its reputation, unveiling a four-series collection featuring stunning ensembles that exude the essence of nature, its superior aesthetics and an implicit message to let its beauty be, in its purest form.

The Tuareg Series is inspired by the majesty and beauty of the Tuareg people and their large riding camels and shimmering indigo dress and veils. According to Elekula: “It speaks to our independence, sense of adventure, strength of character, and can-do spirit.”

Using a generous number of glossed cowry shells delicately handcrafted on textured fabric, the Cowry Series pays homage to our rich African heritage. It challenges negative perceptions of the cultural piece, giving them a modern and refreshing look while preserving their significance.

With bright-yellow sunflower embroidered in picturesque patterns against the rich shine and glow of white Mikado silk, the Bloom Series inspires all the desirable qualities that flowers represent—beauty, grace, passion, enthusiasm, rebirth, happiness, strength and resilience.

Harnessing the radiant energy of light and the psychological effects of different hues, tints, tones and shades, the Color Machine Series seeks to provoke the human mind, to stretch it in multiple directions yet unite and envelope it in beauty.

“We are, indeed, very pleased and greatly encouraged by the ovation that greeted the unveiling of our SS22 collection,” said Elekula. “At HUMANx, we are always pushing the boundaries of creative expression, and our pieces meet the highest global standards in terms of materials sourcing, labour practices, design and finishing. Our aim is to help the wearer stand out while doing good. Each HUMANx sale unlocks access to better sanitary products for females in rural Nigeria.”

An initiative of GbemiDH, a multi-creative enterprise founded by uber-talented artist Gbemi Elekula, HUMANx aims to bring about an end to period poverty in Nigeria through Perioducation (Period Education), Provision of Period Products, and Collaboration with Stakeholders. It organized its first Outreach at the Gurku IDP community in Nasarawa State in March 2021, and the second at the Takushara community in Abuja in March 2022, enlightening the women on menstrual hygiene management while also donating sanitary kits and teaching them how to make their own reusable sanitary pads.


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