Creating makes me feel like city with numerous lights –Gbemi Elekula, DreamHome boss

Gbemi Elekula

She is the founder of DreamHome, a full-service interior design and styling company. Gbemi Elekula is also at the helm of HUMANx, a fashion brand tackling period poverty among less-privileged girls and young women.

Prior to these enterprises, she had worked in the construction and banking sectors where she developed skills and competencies relevant to her current vocation. Her strong fascination for colours and deep love for design led her to quit her job at the bank to pursue her passion for design and creative services. Gbemi is a multi-disciplinary creative entrepreneur, who holds several degrees, including an MBA from schools home and abroad and also boasts a diploma in Interior Design from the British College of Interior Design, Oxford, United Kingdom. In this interview with The Nigerian Xpress, she talks about the courage to follow her passion, tackling period poverty among rural women and girls and encouraging women to thrive in the art and design field, among other issues.

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